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We are Carbon Neutral!

FDC has launched its first Sustainability Initiative.

Working with Carbon Footprint Ltd, we collated our annual emissions data and calculated our carbon footprint.

With this information we were able to decide:

1. Where to minimize our emissions.

2. To sponsor Carbon Offsetting Projects to offset unavoidable emissions.

This is a huge first step and we will continue to place sustainability at the heart of our business growth.

It is vital that individuals, businesses, and governments work together for the common goal of reducing our impact on the environment for future generations. Therefore, as a small business we are proud to do our bit and in turn hope to inspire, encourage and motivate others to strive to be more sustainable. #smallbusinessbigchange

Read more about it on our Sustainability page.

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We wanted a 5kw wood burning stove for our medium-sized living room and we are really happy with this stove. We had a dated stone surround and an old gas fire and we have now opened this up into a really big hearth and this stove sits in it beautifully with a good length of stove pipe leading up into the flue.


The stove itself looks great with a large glass door and the airwash does a good job of keeping the glass clear. The stove box size is fine for normal sized logs and it can fit 4 logs comfortably. The stove is very easy to light and the controls are good, enabling the fire to be adjusted. We live in a smoke controlled zone and this stove is exempt so it is ideal for us.


You listen and are incredibly helpful. You give us 100% confidence.


FDC Stoves are in my opinion about the best value for money there is. The stoves are simple, robust and efficient (80+%). I fit stoves for a living and I am impressed by FDC for packaging, finish, ease of use, customisation (black handle and stainless air controls) and price.


Staff are knowledgeable. Queries & enquiries are dealt with promptly. All adds up to excellent service which makes the difference.


Friendly and down to earth. You listen, which is important. Please note that in all the years of trading I have had no better customer or delivery service. 5 star.

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