FDC Carrying the Flame

Portuguese Limestone Fireplaces

A light cream coloured material fused over millions of years, it contains skeletal fragments of marine organisms resulting in natural veining and fossils throughout. We have selected three different variants of this stone giving a comprehensive choice of styles and finishes.

SEMI RIJO: Also known as Veined Limestone, this is sawn parallel to the natural vein in the stone resulting in a subtle linear pattern running horizontally across the fireplace. Small fossils will also be present.

ROSAL: This is specially selected and contains far less fossils and veins resulting in a much clearer material. It is cross sawn and has a cloudy, more granular appearance when finished.

TEXTURED: Taken from the top layer of the quarries, this stone is composed of a mixture of hard and soft materials. Once extracted it is sawn and worked in the same way as Semi Rijo but is then finished with diamond tipped brushes which remove the softer material to create a smooth yet textured surface finish not unlike the skin of an orange.