FDC Carrying the Flame

Balanced Flue Gas Stove

  • Extended 5 year warranty

  • Heavy duty steel body with cast iron door

  • Realistic ceramic log fuel bed

  • Exceptionally large ceramic glass window

  • Remote control with integral ignition

  • Available for use with natural gas & LPG

  • Efficiency - up to 88%

  • 4.3kW output

  • CE approved

  • No flue liner required*

  • Balanced flue                                                                                       Click here for the dimensions of the Columbia BF gas stove

  • Only 50mm free air gap required around the stove body **               Click here for the installation and operation instructions

  • Only requires a 12mm thick non combustible hearth

*   Subject to chimney / flue condition
** Only 45mm required behind the stove.
 Gas Type: Category 12 H  Category 13 P
 Gas Pressure: 20mbar +/- 1.0mbar  37mbar +/- 1.0mbar 
 Pressure test
 point location:
Gas inlet elbow  Gas inlet elbow 
 Gas input
5.4kW Gross  4.9kW Gross 
 Gas input 
2.4kW Gross  2.4kW Gross 
 Injectors: MK 360  MK 116 
 Gas connection:  8mm compression: semi-rigid or rigid
 Data Badge located on inside of door or on plate attached to
 the rear of stove. Net Efficiency 88% Gross Efficiency 79%.
 Independently verified to BS EN 613